Create atmosphere

Everywhere, is the right place for roses. Not just on the kitchen table. Bring your favourite roses to your favourite places. A vase of Deepwater in the bathroom or a bundle of Upper Class on the bed. A bouquet of Memory Lane in the entrance proves to be an exceptionally beautiful remembering note. 

Bring color to your moments

The Florist Selection roses spread the sunlight and nature's colours around them. An open bundle Icebreaker in the kitchen sink inspires the menu for a Saturday party.

Experience personality

Sparkling colors and descriptive names take the roses to new dimensions. Some buds of Good Times in the car makes the trip unforgettable and the destination alluring.
A mini bouquet Upper Secret in the hand luggage becomes an indispensable travel companion.


What's in a name?

That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet. When deep love arises there is no need for further presentations, as Juliet so clearly puts it in literary history's most famous love story. But, like everyone else, Romeo and Juliet made acquaintance by their names.

Roses With Names Florist Selection offers you a unique opportunity to know the beautiful describing names of the roses associated with their beauty and the experience they generate. The glowing Mariyo, the thoughtful Icebreaker, the love red Rhodos and all the other magnificent variations are found on the assortment so that you can easily remember favourite rose by the name. 


 Roses With Names Florist Selection. Professional florists.